Line One Nutrition: Lean Load

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Break the cycle of carbs to fat. Introducing Lean Load® by Line One Nutrition, an insulin mimicking game changer that pushes carbs to your muscles instead of your waistline.

What is Lean Load?

Lean Load helps convert high carbohydrate meals to muscle feeding fuel. Take before, during, or after a high carbohydrate meal. For best results, consume just before eating to maximize sugar efficiency for glycogen replenishment instead of fat storage!

What makes Lean Load Pro Anabolic:

Lean load facilitates the same response as Insulin, funneling carbs into your muscles preventing sugar spikes that lead to fat gain.

Hormones are essential to processing carbs efficiently, and Insulin is one of the body’s primary and most important anabolic hormones. This is because Insulin controls how the cells in your body absorb and utilize nutrients, such as carbs and protein. Ingesting carbs promotes growth by pulling water into your muscles creating a full dense look!

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