Juggernaut Nutrition: Wild

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Juggernaut Nutrition Wild is already the third pre-workout product of this producer from the USA, well known on the European market. Disturb and Irate have beaten the heart of thousands of athletes. The producer himself describes Wild as a combination of the best ingredients of Disturb and Irate creating an uncompromising product. Interestingly, the manufacturer replaced 1.3 dimethyloamines with two other stimulants while guaranteeing powerful stimulation every time we reach for Wild. The use of new generation stimulants such as DMHA (up to 150mg per serving) and a completely new substance, 1.4 DMAA, has a positive effect on the well-being of the training users. In addition to DMHA and 1.4 DMAA, the manufacturer has placed agmatine in his product and as much as 5 grams of citrullin, which will satisfy every user who loves the pain accompanying muscles inflated to the limit. In addition to the visual aspect, a powerful muscle pump along with blood transports nutrients to your muscles allowing them to regenerate faster and thus grow faster! In addition, the manufacturer is known for the great flavors of their supplements that fit even the most fussy of you. This time, in addition to well-known flavors such as Skyttez and Braxtons sour pals (sour jelly), the brand new Wild Bear and Southern Sweet Tea were presented.

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