Behemoth Half-Gallon Jug

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We hope you enjoy our new and improved large capacity 5% Nutrition water bottle! Our "mammoth mugs" or high-capacity water bottles have been a 5%ER favorite from the beginning with Rich. While we love the product, we had to find a more reliable source and address concerns over durability.

The newest generation of 5% Nutrition gear featuring the Behemoth Jug! This design looks like the old mugs, right? We grabbed the same caps, lids, and leak-proof seal and paired it with a more durable main cylinder. It's now about half an inch taller and about an inch less in diameter while still allowing you to bring over a half-gallon of liquid with you. Liquid storage dropped just slightly with these new dimensions to 2.2 liters (down from 2.5 liters).

As always, we welcome your feedback and sincerely hope you find the new bottles enjoyable (and more durable).

The latest 5% Nutrition half-gallon behemoth jug provides ample liquid storage for your hard training sessions, intra-day recovery, and for extended trips away from home. Bring the water your body craves with our newest high-capacity, BPA-free jugs, constructed entirely with food-grade quality materials.

Product features:

  • Patented cap design with silicone gasket for a leak-proof seal
  • Extra-wide mouth opening to fill, pour, and drink in less time!
  • Comfortable grip with reinforced handle and texturized feel
  • Semi-transparent cylinder for easy identification of liquid level and use of engraved scale (measured in milliliters)
  • Easily add ice or your favorite supplements with a wide neck (3.35" diameter); makes handwashing a snap!
  • BPA free


Capacity: 2.2 Liters (2,200 ml / 73 oz.)

Available Colors: Red or Black
Red or Black refers to the flip-top portion of the cap and matching color 5% logo on the cylinder of the bottle.

Notes for Care

1. Do not use with hot liquids
2. Not intended for use with dishwashers! (Handwash only)
3. Do not freeze below 16°C or exceed a maximum temperature of 56°C

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